Agrima Rijal

Progress report


In language we have learned how to write five types of text forms properly and learned how to become a better reader by using one of the many strategy's like visualizing what your reading and many more. We have also learned how to find the main idea in a piece of text by using a graphic organizer.


In writing I have written two reports and 1 narrative. I think what I do best in writing is portraying a characters voice and adding details. There is always room for improvement so what I think I need to improve on is organizing and editing my ideas to perfection. Also by the end of term one I would have liked to written all the text forms.


In the reading portion I have read several books and enjoyed them all but, so far my favorite books are else where, wonder and the Vindico .


In science we have learned about biodiversity and endangered animals. For our endangered animal project me and my partner picked the blue racer snake and made a poster with research and facts on it. I also got a A plus on my science final test which I thought I deserved because I worked hard.

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In math we have been very busy and we have learned so much. My most favorite math concepts were the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages and multiplying 2 by 4 numbers. In math I feel I need to practice rounding to the thousandths and also I need to work on ordering fractions from greatest to least and vice versa.

Gym, Drama, Art

In the other subjects such as Gym, Drama, Music I have also learned a lot. In gym I do soccer inter-murals and I also do volleyball and I enjoy every sport we learn. In Drama we have learned about projecting our voice and did a couple of skits I like drama a lot and look forward to learning more. In art we have done a number of projects and learned about the principles and elements of art, we also learned about sketching animals.

Learning skills

I have shown Initiative very well in the past 1-3 months. Some of the things I did to show initiative was that I bought in a picture of a living thing for science and I also made a flip up chart for science. A skill I think I need to work is organizing my desk because I have a hard time finding notes.
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Initiative chart

The end

Thank you for listing to my progress report and I promise myself and you guys a successful and awesome year !