From Mr. Mahoney


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April 21st, 2020

Students and Parents/Guardians,

As we complete another week of remote/online learning we are finding more success but realize that challenges still exist. As staff work hard to provide thoughtful, meaningful learning experiences and students and families continue to adapt we will become more comfortable and successful in our new way of learning. As we move forward just try your best as we work through this together. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

Academic Updates/Expectations/Reminders:

  • Remote/Online learning will continue to May 15th as school’s will remain closed per the Governor’s order.

  • In Dr. Van Scoy’s communication last week, he shared the Distance Learning Rubric that will be used as a standardized guide for evaluating student performance starting April 13th. Teachers will use the rubric to provide weekly feedback to students about their performance. This feedback will be shared each week with students in Schoology.

  • Regents Exams are cancelled for this school year. Regents course credit will now be determined by passing the course.

IMPORTANT: For all courses student performance each week will factor into determining course completion and credit. This is especially important because earning course credit impacts your ability to graduate, attend summer school and/or take courses in the future. Please make sure you are putting forth your best effort and reaching out for help as needed.

  • We realize that the learning environment has changed significantly and each student is finding success at different levels. Teachers and counselors are available to help by email, phone or video conference when requested.

High School Events:

Our goal is to preserve as many events as possible and if we can not, we will first look to postpone to an alternate date and if we have to cancel we will try to find a way to replace it if possible. All efforts will be made to preserve as many events as possible. Updates on events’ status will come from the district communications.

Staying connected and support if needed:

It is important to stay connected to your friends, family, teachers and those close to you, especially in this time when we are all feeling a bit isolated and removed from our normal routines. Take time to text, call, have online video chats, or use other social media to maintain your connections with those that are important to you. I think you will find it helpful and meaningful.

If you feel that you may need some extra support, please don’t hesitate to access the Gananda mental health support line at (315) 986-3521 ext.4401 or contact one of our mental health support staff through email:

Please continue to take care of yourself - get enough sleep at night, eat healthy food, exercise and get outside! These are all very basic ways to maintain some sort of balance in your life during a particularly stressful time.

I want to thank you all for the support and your commitment to learning and our school community. Keep up the good work, stay healthy and reach out if you have questions or concerns.


Mr. Mahoney