Odds and Ends in English II

6th Six Weeks | Week 2

Welcome to the 6th Six Weeks!

2016 PechaKucha Day Champions

iPad Update - Action Required!

Most of the student body has completed these requirements, but just in case you didn't know :)

Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 that fixes a number of connectivity issues. Therefore, the CISD Technology Department has asked that ALL students who are utilizing a CISD-issued iPad update to the new iOS ASAP!

It is best for this process to be done AT HOME so band width is not negatively impacted for all users at school.

Click this link for step by step instructions

Technology has asked that this update be completed as soon as possible.

iPad Issues?


Posted on the walls outside of each bathroom are 2 flyers--

· a flyer of troubleshooting tips and

· a flyer with a QR code and tinyurl - http://tinyurl.com/chsipadhelp (links to the CISD helpdesk)

If anyone has iPad issues, he/she should complete the following steps in order:

1- Complete the steps listed on the troubleshooting flyer to resolve the issue on their own

2- IF the issue isn't resolved using step 1, scan the QR code (or type in the tinyurl) and submit a helpdesk ticket. Technology will respond with further instructions for resolving the issue.

This is the ONLY way to handle iPad problems from here forward.

(The iCU will continue to be open during 4th Period ONLY, but all troubleshooting will require that the aforementioned steps have already been completed. We will have a technician in the iCU during that time, but they will only address issues that go beyond the basic troubleshooting.)

The following link provides you access to view the 2 flyers referenced above. You may post this link to your Schoology site so it is available to learners 24/7.


Want to go to Italy & Greece?

From Mr. Visco (English IV AP Teacher)

Parents and Students,

A letter like this came out last semester, but just in case you didn't get it and even if you did I wanted to tell you about an upcoming opportunity available to your student. This past summer (2015) Mr. Visco and some other English teachers took a group of 24 students and parents on an educational tour of Ireland, Wales, and England. Experiencing new cultures not only opens students’ eyes to the world, it also prepares them for the future. More and more colleges and universities are looking for international experience on students’ applications to set them apart. Travel isn’t just educational, it’s an investment that gives your child an advantage in a competitive world.

With that in mind, Mr. Visco is pleased to announce that he is planning to take students and parents on an educational tour to Italy and Greece in July 2017! Get your cameras ready for this amazing experience!!! When you walk through the Roman Forum, climb the Acropolis in Athens, and visit the site of the Oracle at Delphi, you’re among some of the world’s most historically significant ancient sites. But these countries offer more than just a trip to the deep past—witness more recent history at the awe-inspiring Sistine Chapel in Rome, as well as the Duomo in Florence.

Your son or daughter is invited to take part in this amazing opportunity. That being said, the invitation to travel with him is also extended to you as parents. There is limited space on the trip, and Mr. Visco is hoping you and your child will be able to join him and some other teachers at the upcoming meeting!

If you and your child would like to attend or if you have any questions, you can RSVP by emailing at bvisco@g.coppellisd.com .The tour is operated by EF Educational Tours. You can learn more online at http://www.eftours.com/1777421VF.

There are a limited number of spots available and the tour is sure to fill up quickly, so please attend the meeting if you are interested. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will truly set your child apart!

We’re excited and looking forward to having you on tour!


William Visco


Essential Questions

  • What patterns of social injustice does history repeat?

  • How can I create change?

  • How do I utilize a variety of sources representing multiple perspectives in order to purposefully choose and defend a position?

  • How can I use my unique perspective to persuade a global audience?

Additional Resources