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Happenings from April 2017

First Grade Research

After starting their research in March, first grade completed the remainder of their research in April. The research was conducted using the Guided Inquiry Design Method. In the Open Stage, the students learned about the concept of time and chronology by learning about what timelines are and creating their own timelines. In the Immerse Stage, they scanned QR codes that took them to a board created in Board Builder in Discovery Education. The boards were designed to show what communication, recreation and transportation was like when their teacher and other staff members were in first grade. The students loved this activity!

The following week, the students participated in the Gather Stage. They rotated through six stations. Three of the stations they used iPads to go to the PebbleGo database and they learned information about communication, transportation and recreation in the past. At other stations, the first graders tried to write with a feather pen, chalk and use wooden word blocks to spell with as students did in the past. At each, station the student cited their source and wrote a sentence about what they learned at that station.

To wrap it all up, the students created a page about one station of their choice and illustrated and wrote about what they learned. They also self reflected on their learning.

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Kinder Research

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Sea Animals

Kinder students are learning about three different sea animals this year. They started off by learning about sea turtles by reading a nonfiction book, using the PebbleGo database and doing a Skype Virtual Field Trip to a sea turtle hospital in Marathon, Florida.

They also learned about sharks and whales using PebbleGo. They became experts at how to cite their sources and take notes in their research journals.

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Presenter Julian Franklin

Science was the focus when the entire school was treated to presentations by Julian Franklin. He taught them the scientific process, about animals and the environment.

Lots of laughing and learning took place that day in the library!

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3D Printer

The library is fortunate enough to have a MakerBot 3D printer. Besides printing the 5 designs already on the printer, we ventured into the world of TinkerCad and printed a design from their website. Since it was close to Easter, we chose this adorable bunny and it came out perfect!

Library Information

  • 18 instructional days.
  • Checkouts by grade level: PK-113, K-207, 1st-347, 2nd-589, 3rd-139, 4th-145, 5th-128, Staff & Parents-61.
  • Total items checked out 1,726
  • 55 total classes taught. Classes were taught on timelines, concept of time and chronology, sea animals, nonfiction text features, the environment, life cycles, digital citizenship.
  • 19 classes came in for check out only.
  • 136 walk-ins. See graph charts below for a breakdown.
  • 11 check outs on Overdrive.

Upcoming events-1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade Battle of the Books, Kinder Alphabet Fair, 4th Grade Research, 4th Grade Skype Virtual Field Trip.

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