by aleigha myers


you are going to learn some about protists
Protist Rap (Fresh Prince Parody)


the amoeba eats algae,plant cells,and microscopic protozoa and metazoan some amoebas are parasites they eat by surrounding tiny particles of their food they move by changing their body shape which forms pseudopods witch means false foot water flows through amoebas ectoplasm by a process called osmosis.
Amoeba biology


volox are one celled algae they live together in a colony the colony is a hollow ball with 500-20000 cells that are by their selves they move by each cell having two flagella the flagella beat together to roll into a ball through the water volvox is motile green algal colony composed of 500 to 50000 cells arranged along periphery of a hollow mucilaginous sphere they are often invisible with the necked eye
Volvox close up - Flagella movement


paramecium feed on microorganisms like bacteria,algae,and yeasts paramecium uses cilia to sweep food just as water into the cell mouth after it falls to the oral groove paramecium can reproduce asexually two to three times a day the paramecium are in the carbon cycle because they eat bacteria very often found on decaying plants paramecium also will eat the decaying plant matter of addition to bacteria


euglena has chloroplast and they can make their own food by photosynthesis they can also get food from their own home they usually live in no sound homes like ponds or puddles they move by a flagellum also known as flagella,flagella is a whip like structure and acts like a little motor flagella is at the anterior and thats at the end.
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