The first nations of the Amazon!

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Come and learn about things in the Amazon that you never thought existed. Plants that can cure serious illnesses that western medicines cannot. Learn how the people of the Amazon survive against those who close in on their home land. The species that is near extinction is not the jaguar or a type of frog, it is the people who live off of nature and decide to dedicate themselves to what the Amazon Rain forest has given them.

Every Tuesday after school until 4:40 pm

Guaranteed to be Interesting and informational

Who are the people of the Amazon and why should i care?

The People of the amazon live in tribes and have leaders who live up to a very long age called shaman. When a Shaman dies it is as though a library has been lost and they have to continue on with life as they have been taught. As the years go by they whither away because of limited technology and the fact that Brazil owns a part if the Rainforest. People otherwise known as outsiders close in on the are of the tribes such as tour buses, illegal Brazilian drug smuggles trying to cut through the area. The people who live in the Amazon know many things that people form western civilizations do not. There are plants that can cure illnesses that while western medicine practices can also, but are painful and expensive. If we were to learn more about these people we can solve many issues that have limited negative affects. A better world for future generations, and that begins with ceasing the destruction of the rainforest for oil.