The Weekly

April 17-21

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28 Days of School Til Summer!!

Student Led Conferences

May 1st: I have scheduled a practice session on this day in conjunction with the Grandparent Event Action Team. We'll run the club day schedule this day and invite grandparents in for a "Grandparents Day" at the end of the day. The kids can practice by showing them their leadership notebooks and grandparents will have a "treat time" with their grandkids at school. We've never done this before so cross your fingers. I tried to make it a win-win by having an event and having it benefit the kids.

May 2nd and 4th: After school student led conferences.

PGES at a Glance

April Focus

  • SGG check and year in review in the middle of the month.
  • Summatives on April 27th.

Thinking of You

  • For our staff members experiencing life changes. We're here for you and with you.

Do you have an intention we can pass along? Please let us know.

April Faculty Meeting #1

Thursday, April 20th, 4pm

2805 Longbranch Road

Union, KY

One hour of action team work.

April Faculty Meeting #2

Thursday, April 27th, 4pm

2805 Longbranch Road

Union, KY

One hour of booster time.

This week's staff events

Little Mermaid would love help during the week after school if you have time to donate.

I have not heard from the Healthy Challenge Action Team so I'm assuming we're not having it this week. If I hear otherwise, I'll let you know.

    • MMM
    • Huddle at 8:20am in my office
    • Boot camp at 4:15
    • 2nd grade field trip
    • Star Makeups---if you retest, you need to tell Rachel and Erika so we can adjust the ATM sheets

    • Close Writing after school training in Erika's Office
    • SBDM at 4:30pm--we will discuss Poor Students Rich Teaching
    • GOTR
    • Erika out in AM at principals meeting. Rachel out all day
    • 2nd grade to Nature Center
    • Math Content Team after school

    • PLCs with Rachel
    • Boot camp at 4:15pm
    • Final KTIP meeting for Julia and Ryan before school
    • Spring ATMs
    • 2nd Grade to Nature Center
    • New Session of Science Matters Begins

      • Yes Team Leader
      • Yes Faculty Meeting
      • Yes Lighthouse Meeting
      • Erika/Rachel at Cooper Cluster Meeting in AM
      • Spring ATMs
      • 3rd Grade to COSI
      • Bus Evacs in AM
      • KONA ICE DAY!!!!!
      • School Board Meeting at 7:30pm

      • Wear Blue Day
      • Spring ATMs