The Ben Franklin Friday Focus

January 23, 2015

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,

Happy Friday! Don't forget to sign up for the staff winter party so it doesn't have to be cancelled.

I would like to congratulate all involved on a fantastic Third Grade Concert. It took a lot of preparation, teamwork and flexibility to pull it off and it was great!

This week, I'd like to share one small moment that occurred the day of the concert. We have one particular student who, like so many of our students, is battling really tough conditions at home. He lives with foster parents, who are fantastic, but the Division of Child Protection and Permanancy has official custody of him. He doesn't have "photo permission," so the DCPP originally said that he couldn't participate in the morning version of the concert in front of the entire school because it was being video taped.

This was devastating news because he was really excited to take part. After, countless phone calls and animated pleas with the supervisor of the case manager at DCPP, we still had no word the night before the concert. Finally, at 5:30 pm we received a message on the school machine saying that permission was granted.

The key to the story is that the boy ran into school the morning of the show and gave me a huge hug. He was beaming and so thankful for the effort that had been made. All it took was four people and a bunch of phone calls, but it made a huge difference and I won't forget his face and excitement anytime soon.

Though some days are stressful, long and difficult, we all have the power to have a huge impact on the individual students with whom we work. It is the most rewarding feeling possible and something that we each can do. Happy Friday and have a great week.




Week of 1/26: Group 4 AM Car Line (Rigby, Rosser, Simon)


Monday 1/26 - District Librarians, Grade Level Mtgs. 3rd Grade LML

Thursday 1/29 - K AM Grade Level Mtg.

Friday 1/30 - 1st Grade AM Grade Level Mtg.

Friday 1/30 - Marking Period Ends, Spirit Day, Spirit Day Assembly

Friday 1/30 - Staff Winter Party @ Amalfi's

Week of 2/2/: Group 1 AM Car Line (Pacuta, Van Metre, Duncan, Vinch)

G&T Testing, Aimsweb, NWEA continued

Monday 2/2 - Faculty Meeting (Dyslexia Consultant)

Monday 2/2 - February PTO Meeting

Friday 2/6 - Faculty Council Items due

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