Digital Etiquette

how to be cyber safe

Prevent Cyber Bullying!

Be careful of what you post on the internet, better safe than sorry

Cyber Bullying

The internet can a dangerous place if it is abused. You have to be careful about who you talk to online. Always make sure you know the people you are communicating with.


Would you a steal a book, a car? No. Everyday billions of people download music, tv shows and movies. It may not seem bad, it is as bad as shoplifting . At this very moment millions of people are either illegally downloading movies, tv show etc. Even if you watch it online that is equally as bad.

How to Prevent Cuber Bullying

How do we stop cyber bullying? Here are some tips on how to prevent Cyber Bullying.

1. Don't post things without peoples permission, if you don't ask there could be terrible consequences like if the picture you posted was of your friend, you could loose your friend.

2. You you don't have anything nice to say don't say it, sometimes if you say something about a person you may think it's funny, but to them it could be quite hurtful.