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Using digital arts in the creative process.

iPad Rules: Dos and Don'ts

Use this flyer as a resource for artistic apps, videos, animations and photography.

1. Don't forget to save your work.
2. Check which iPad # you are using and don't forget which # you have!!
3. Close out of other people's work if you open the iPad and something is in progress.
4. Close apps when you are done for the day and plug in your iPad.
5. Don't delete anything that is not yours.
6. Don't fill up the camera with junk: videos or pictures. If you are saving stuff for a project, that is okay.
7. Don't change the settings.
8. DO Check with Mrs. Mitchell before you watch a video (if it is on a smore flyer that she has previously viewed you are fine, if it is some random video on Youtube, check with her).

Lego Movies

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Make a stop motion Lego movie with the Lego Movie Maker app

1. Watch some examples. Watch the how to storyboard video and the stop motion tips and tricks video.

2. Select a theme (these are the theme songs in the app):
Bank Heist
Flying High
Justice Served
The Chase
The Showdown
Secret Hideout
The assignment
The Protector
On My Way

3. Storyboard your movie using one of the printed 'storyboarding sheets'.

4. Set up your 'set'. Be careful not to use the classroom as your background, it will be too busy, put a black piece of paper or poster board behind you.

5. Use one of my homemade tripods and clay boards for your 'set'.
The LEGO® Movie - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]
Welcome To Art
LEGO Stop-Motion: Tips and Tricks
The Battle

Stop motion--you can use clay, markers, or art supplies!

How To Make Stop Motion Animation
Stop Motion | Whiteboard Animation: The Marker Maker

Drawing Apps

Drawing Pad for iPad - Best Drawing App Featuring Real World Art Tools!
Brushes App: Layers Demo


How to Draw and Animate using Version 3.0 of the DoInk Animation and Drawing app for the iPad
How to Create an Animation in Two Minutes using the DoInk Animation and Drawing App Version 4.0 on the iPad

Design and Play your own Video Game