The Amazing Gold

Gold the Great is Great as Gold!

It's Everywhere!

Get this people! Gold, gold, gold! Gold is the big thing now, everyone has it. Used for jewelry, technology, dentistry, coins, airplanes and helicopters, and so much more! You won't regret buying the famous Au!

The Stuff About Gold

Gold is one of the most commonly used elements. Its symbol is Au. Here are all the juicy deets:

Symbol: Au

Atomic Number: 79

Atomic Mass: 196.97

Protons: 79

Neutrons" 118

Electrons: 79

Gold is a solid at room temperature and has a very high melting point. It is a very valuable metal.

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More Stuff about Gold

Gold has so many different elements to it (no pun intended)!

Density: 19.31 (That's pretty heavy)

Physical Properties: malleable, ductile, yellow, lustrous, conductor, soluble

Chemical Properties: inactive, reactive to acids, non-reactive to non-metals


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  • Gold is super soft. You can chew it to test if it's real gold or not.
  • Gold is pretty rare compared to diamonds.
  • The ocean contains lots of gold, but in really low concentration.

By: Jhanvi Parvathaneni