Lupus Foundation

Together we can find a cure.

About the foundation

The Lupus foundation helps with funding the science of finding a cure for the disease. This is so helpful for those who have Lupus because they go through so much pain, and they pay so much money for medications and doctor visits. The Lupus foundation has goals to find out the cure for this terrible disease, and to improve life for those who have Lupus.They would like to reduce the time of diagnosis. They would like to ensure people that they have safe and effective treatments. They would also like to expand direct services, and increase access to treatment and care. This disease is a very serious one. I personally do not have Lupus, but my mother has had Lupus since she was 18. I live with it everyday. It not only affects my mother, but it affects everyone around her, including me. There are times that i have to take care of her, and do not get to go do what i want, but i would never complain, because i love my mother. That is why we need to come together to find a cure, because the people we love are dying from this disease.

Lupus Facts and Statistics.

  1. This disease shows up normally around the ages of 15-44.

  2. The research done by this foundation shows that there are 1.5 million Americans that have Lupus.

  3. It is shown that 5 million people have a form of Lupus.

4. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus) can cause seizures.

  1. Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that will and can damage any part of the body.

  2. Lupus is not contagious.

  3. Lupus mainly occurs in women.

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