Beluga whale

Vanessa R.


A beluga whale lives in the Artic ocean. There home is really big and wide. Also they have a lot of space to swim. They don't have any space to hide from the animals that try to kill it.


Beluga whales are 13 to 20 feet long. Also 4 to 6.1 long. A Beluga whale has two flukes, two flippers , and a tail.


Beluga whales eat fish, worms, and other sea animals. They have really sharp teeth to eat sea animals.

Life cycle

A Beluga whale are born like a human but not in a egg. When it is a baby it is black or brown. Then it grows to a child. Then at age 5 it is a grown up.

Fun facts

Lives to 35-50 years .Also some live in groups called pods.