Problems In Southern Education

Are southern states really getting enough education

The South maybe lower on the globe but it shouldnt be lower in education.

The southern states government is built on agriculture so their education is low. This is the background to how and why their education is so low.This also causes the government to be more focused on jobs because people work on large farm lands and dont have the time to be focused on education for their children. Also if people do get a phd and finish college there's still not enough jobs for the people. Also another reason is because most people in the south live in poverty and cant even afford healthcare as well as good education.

Common core, its a waist of time.

Another one of the big problems is the common core. If you are a parent and your child has received homework that is by the common core they will not understand it. As a matter of fact that home work that they are doing takes more time, and their is just so much unneeded things just put into it. This is a problem through out the states. The main goal of Common Core is to have every school district follow the same national standards. And this is not just happening in the southern states but in almost all of the states. Overall the common core just makes education harder than it needs to be.
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This chart shows how much the common core has made education rates and standardized test grades go down.