Hi-lites Week of April 8th, 2016

Congratulations to our First Communicants! God bless.

Swing Tickets

Since 1999, Swing has been the major fundraiser at Highland Catholic School. Proceeds help us keep our excellent programming, provide technology upgrades, tackle capital improvements,... You name it and Swing has put a some polish on it!

April 30th will be a great party. We will come together for great food, fun games, enticing auction items and fellowship. It is a celebration of Highland Catholic School. All teachers and many staff will be present. Fr. Paul will be busy at the wine pull. It will be fun to see former school parents and students, too.

I am encouraging all parents/guardians to click on www.hicswing.com right now and purchase your $40 ticket. This ticket includes t-shirts for your child(re), which can be worn every Monday and Friday during April, May and June.

Please join in the fun and more importantly join in supporting our school. It would be vastly different place without Swing!

Hope to see you there.

Jane Schmidt


Aim Higher Foundation

4th Annual Night of Light

School Bulletin Request 4/18-5/13

Your school provides children with a life-changing opportunity: Educational excellence in a faith-filled environment. The Aim Higher Foundation believes that this opportunity should be open to all families, and in the past four years, through the generosity of our supporters, we have helped open the doors to Catholic education by providing need-based tuition scholarships to children in all of our Catholic elementary schools, including yours! Our goal in 2016 is to increase access to over 1,000 children and we need your help.

Our 4th Annual Night of Light celebration will be held on September 24, 2016 at the Depot in Minneapolis. 500 guests and 200 Catholic School children made the 2015 an incredible success. Your attendance, donations and sponsorship of this exciting event will make a difference in the lives of children in your local school and across all schools in the Twin Cities.

Information is available at www.aimhigherfoundation.org or by contacting Scott Breimhorst, Executive Director: scottb@aimhigherfoundation.org; 612-819-6711 x101.

The Green Scene

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Fall 2016 is our target date for all students to wear logo-ed shirts at Highland Catholic School. Many students made that move this year and we have had many compliments in the building and out about how sharp they look.

We have explored other options for the logo-ed shirts at Land's End, but the shirts are not close in color nor design. The Uniform Policy now includes this one regulation: The only uniform item that must be purchased at Donald's Uniform store are the boy's uniform shirt and the girl's jumper/skirt and the girl's uniform shirt.

There appear to be six girls in the building who are currently wearing Land's End plaid and these will be grandfathered in for one more year.

All other uniform items may be purchased at a store of your choosing as long as the meet our uniform policy.

To help with this expense, we have included two current flyers from Donald's promoting a shorts sale and month of June sale.

Families needing assistance with uniform purchasing should contact Jane Schmidt for a credit voucher, which is part of Donald's support of our school.

Also, we are thankful for Mrs. Erin Hinds leadership in maintaining and organizing our used uniforms. If you and a friend would be interesting in taking over this important volunteer position, please contact the School Office, 651-690-2477. Many families benefit from this service.

Note: Frequently asked question:

Do boys wear the white shirts? Yes, all students may choose to wear white or green shirts.

Are shirts required to be tucked into pants? No. We encourage students to consider wearing the banded shirts for a cleaner look.

Is there a uniform shoe? We required closed-toe shoes. Most students wear tennis shoes.

What color t-shirt should boys wear under their uniform shirts? White. Not much fun, but nice looking.

What can I do with uniforms that my child has outgrown? You can donate them to Highland Catholic School. These will be available at Back to School night. We will make sure the pieces that no longer meet our policy are donated to a local organization. Pieces Thanks.

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Learning Differences Support Group

Meeting this Monday, April 11th, 7 p.m. in Library

Do you have a child/children with learning differences? Join fellow parents and teachers to discuss and support each other in our efforts to support, discover, plan and develop tools for our children with learning differences. We welcome all parents at any point in your journey, just getting started to any level of experience.

In this group we strive to:

· Provide support

· Help in a crisis

· Share information and resources

· Provide a positive outlet for stress

· Relieve loneliness

· Provide opportunities to make new friends

· Provide training for parents and reinforce skills

· Provide ways to deal with educational and medical institutions

Meetings are the second Monday each month at 7PM in the library at Highland Catholic. Dates for the rest of the school year are 4/11 and 5/9. Each meeting will have a presentation then open discussion on challenges, resources and topics for upcoming meetings.

Enrollment for Fall 2016-17 Please enroll by April 11th.

For those that haven't enrolled online yet:

- Look for your email from Highland Catholic School (support@tads.com) and click on the enrollment link towards the bottom of the message. (Note: This email may have landed in your Spam/Junk)

- If you can't find the email with the link, send me a message and we can resend you the email.

- If you have questions or need help during the online enrollment, click the "Live Chat" tab on the left of your screen and someone from TADS will be there to help you. You can also call Highland Catholic School at 651-690-2477 if you have concerns on the questions being asked.

- Deadline for online enrollment is Monday, April 11th.

For those that have completed their online enrollment:

- THANK YOU! If you have feedback on the online enrollment process, please email t.kuenster@highlandcatholic.org. In subsequent years, the demographic data should be fully populated.

- Did you notice the "Documents" section of your TADS account? There are supplemental documents that need to be downloaded and signed. You can electronically upload these to yourself or send in the signed paper copy to the office and we will upload for you.

Destination Imagination State Competition

Good luck to our combined third and fourth grade Destination Team. They will be competing in the Instant Challenge at 1:15 p.m. and Team Challenge at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, April 9th, at Jackson Middle School in Champlain. Can't wait to hear the news.
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Wish List Spring 2016

A HUGE Thank You to our Home and School Committee for generously funding the teachers' Spring Wish List. Funds used were from this year's Wreath Sale. It feels like Christmas all over again.

Their generosity impacts the education of every student here.

Wish List for Spring 2016

-Square Scarves for Music Class

-Preschool Materials Magna Tiles and Blocks

-Literacy Lab Games

-Social Studies Materials for First Grade, including Leveled Readers

-Tumblebooks Subscription (K-5) online resource with +1,000 books

-4 apple TVs

-Library Materials/Caldecott/Newberry stickers, and racks

-Enrichment Room White Board Magnetic

-8th Grade Literature To Kill a Mocking Bird 3 CDs

-Grade 2 Privacy Shields Junior

-First Grade and Third Grade gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers

-Primary Spanish Games

-Desk for Middle School Student Teacher

-Fifth Grade Book Collection

-Kindergarten Classroom Rug

-Paper for Poster Printer

Total: $4943.00

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Dance Clinic

Good Morning!
The Cretin Derham Hall Dance Team is excited to announce NEW opportunities to dance with the CDH and Junior Raiders Dance Teams!

Saturday May 7th- Cretin Derham Hall New Dancer Clinic (Cost-FREE)

*For students going into 6th grade-12th grade, current and potential students

-9:30am-12:00pm at Cretin Derham Hall

-Come see what the CDHDT is all about in this one day clinic with high school Winter, Fall, and Middle school Coaches!

-Teach skills used throughout the CDHDT season

-Teach the dance students will be learning throughout summer to perform at camp and at one of the Fall Varsity Football Games!

June 6th 2016- July 29th 2016 (Monday-Thursday)
Summer Workshop (Cost- $150.00)

*For students going into 6th grade-12th grade, current and potential students

*M/W-5:00pm-7:00pm and T/TH 4:00pm-6:00pm
*For dancers of all skill levels
*Work on technique and skills from basic-advanced in high kick and jazz.
*Learn different style dances, combinations, turns, leaps, etc.
*Learn and work on summer dance, which will double as a fall dance
*Enjoy different opportunities throughout the summer for team bonding

Save the date! Saturday October 1st, 2016-
Cretin Derham Hall 5th annual Kids Clinic- (Cost-$35)

*For students in Kindergarten-8th grade

*Come dance with the CDH Dance Team!!

*Warm up and practice dance skills as a group

*Learn a routine that will be performed at the following October 7th home CDH football game!

Please feel free to share any and all information with anyone you think may be interested! If you have any questions on upcoming events please feel free to call the head Winter Competition Coach Ashley Sampson at 651-341-8395 or email the cdhdt@c-dh.org.

Thank you,

Your CDHDT Coaches

Upcoming Dates

-Monday, April 11th Support Group for Learning Differences 7 p.m. Library

-Wednesday, April 13th Second Grade Family Mass at Noon

-April 13th and 14th Curbside book service at drop off

Please pull into the lot.

-Friday, Used Book Sale Preview Evening $10 admission

-Saturday, Used Book Sale in Community Room 8:30-6 Treasures!

-Sunday, Used Book Sale ends at Noon

-April 22, Earth Day Wear green!

-April 22, Middle School Dance for Grades 6-8