Take a Run in my Soccer Cleats

Lillian Nichols

History of Soccer Cleats

King Henry VIII found out the very 1st soccer cleats were made by his shoemaker named Cornelius Johnson in 1525. They cost about $50-$100. 1st soccer cleats were ankle high and made of leather. People are making the cleats more comfortable. They began producing the cleats in 1925 which had 6or 7 replaceable nailed studs on the bottom of them. The first cleats were discovered in England's King Henry VIII wardrobe. The shoe had 6 studs on the bottom and weighed 500 grams.

Day in the Life Of

Dear diary, I walk up to the field, get the soccer ball and start kicking it back and forth to Caroline. I have been hurting my feet a lot because my cleats have really hard studs on the bottom of them. They are ankle high and made of leather. After kicking the ball, we go to the store and get these new cleats called slipper shoes or "soccus". My new cleats feel so good on my feet! Now I can actually play soccer and my feet not hurt,
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My Passion

I picked this shoe because I love playing soccer. Also because I've been playing soccer for a long time and I've been wondering what the history is of soccer cleats.