Astronomy in the Odd Mayan Culture

Frank Anctil

Election of The New King

Monday, June 21st 647 at 8:30am

Chichén Itzá, Mexico


The Gods are in place! A new king will soon be elected. The two running are Pakal and Eztli. Both have a good chance of winning so join us at the Platform of Venus to cast a vote.

King Pakal

King Pakal was elected on June 28, 647. Just a month later Chichen Itza would have fallen if he hadn't asked the high priest to take a look at the gods. The day after the high priest came running to King Pakal he said that the warriors of Tikal were marching towards Chichen Itza. Right away King Pakal ordered his army to be ready for the battle. When the warriors of Tikal came they were caught of guard and were forced to retreat.
Ancient Mayan Music - Tsompantli