Put An End To Discrimination

Why Do We Judge People So Much?

Well we all seem to just assume things about people right once we see them. We begin to judge each other the second we come in contact. This sometimes can be good, but when it comes to people saying rude comments about each other or even looking at them in unkind ways, this is bullying which leads to Stereotyping. When we stereotype people, usually we don't stereotype them in the best and most kind ways. This ruins us and destroys every one's attitude, which nobody wants.
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Do You Ever...

When you see someone wearing lots of black, what do you assume they're like? When you see a Cheerleader, what do you think his/hers attitude is like? When you see a smaller kid with glasses and is carrying school books, do you seem to think they're weaker than you? When you see a girl sitting alone at lunch and her hair is messy maybe covering her face, do you see her as weird? If your answers to these questions were: Goth/Emo, Bratty/Gay, yes, and yes, why? Why do you see people this way? This is because of Movies and Social Media telling you to think that way of others. This is called Discrimination, and 3.2 Million kids dropout of school Internationally each year, because of others bullying them because of the way they see them...

Do You Ever Hear These Words Said About Others?

Weird, Annoying, Bratty, Snobby, Stupid, Dumb, Gay, Nerd(y), Loser, Lame, Fat/Over Weight, Anorexic, Scrawny, Lazy, Diseased, Messed Up, Crazy, Freak, Poor, Etc.? Have you ever done something to help the person who was being made fun of? This is what happens every, single, day. We need to stop this and help others out. Stop Judging. Stop It Now.

Let's End Discrimination, Together.

Whenever we stereotype someone, we’re just assuming things about them. People will usually stereotype others for their race, sports they do, or simply just walking by them. This shows disrespect and discrimination to everyone around us. In movies, lets say cheerleaders are almost ALWAYS stereotyped as either bratty, stupid or “gay”, so people in reality that do cheer are usually offended by this and it makes them doubt themselves. Also, people tend to think that all black people are “thugs” and white people are “racist” but that’s really not the case and obviously isn’t true. If you only know a few things about someone, you do not have a say in who they are and what they’re like. Also, making fun of someones religion is very rude because we all have different beliefs and our own minds. People can’t just go up to someone and tell them that they have to believe something! Lots of the time, we try to make ourselves seem better than someone else who is thought of as a “threat” to us, when really nobody should ever seem or even be a threat to any of us, everyone needs to be treated equally and we need to stop looking at each other and automatically thinking that they’re a bad person, or weird, and get to know each other! Stereotyping has to come to an end because if not, more and more people will start to feel worse and worse about themselves and others which needs to end.