Leap Day

Another Novel by Wendy Mass

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Project By: Julia Li

It's leap day! Today, YOU can "leap" into everyone!♥


When you read a book, have you ever wondered what the other character was thinking about? How they really felt? And most of all, how they saw things? Leap Day is about a girl named Josie and her friends. It's 16 year old Josie's special day, her Leap Day birthday! Her day is filled with obstacles and events, like the school play audition, her driver's test, birthday celebrations, and the sweet-sixteen initiation at the lake! In this book, everyone is a main character! For once, YOU can explore their thoughts and how they REALLY see things.

Point of View

This story is very different and unique. It actually has 2 points of views. The point of view of this story changes throughout this novel. The main point of view is Josie and the other one is third person.


The theme of Leap Day is that we all affect the world even if we don't even know it. In the book Leap Day, Instructor Joe lets Josie pass the driving test, he affects the world and made Josie extremely happy.

Connection of Theme and My life

The theme of Leap Day is something I can relate to my life. Sometimes, we all affect the world without knowing it ourselves. We can make someone really happy but we don't even know it. One time, my sister decided to stay home and play with me instead of hanging out with her friends. That made me really happy. Another time, she threw a surprise party for me all by herself. She got up early in the morning, decorating the house with streamers and banners. I don't think she noticed how happy I was! :D

The picture above shows an important scene in Leap Day. Josie passes her driver's test!

The School Play

In Leap Day, Josie tries out for the part of Juliet in her school play, Romeo and Juliet. She has always taken the lead role in her other school plays, and she is almost positive she will get the role. Unfortunately, she doesn't. Josie is quite shocked but she decides that it is for the best.