Hydrogen Energy

Alternate Energy


  • undant in resources- 97% of the Earth is water and the main ingredient for hydrogen energy is H2O

  • No harmful emissions to the environment- burned hydrogen fuels leaves behind clean drinking water

  • Friendly to the environment- nontoxic

  • Can be used as fuel for rockets- very powerful and efficient enough to be used in rockets

  • efficient for fuel- produces more energy per pound of fuel

Renewable- Hydrogen is plentiful and can be reused
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  • Expensive- Hydrogen gas requires a lot of work to be free’d from other element

  • Not easy to store or move around- Costs a lot to move in large amount compared to small amounts

  • Isnt going to be easy to replace the existing energy system- Gas stations, vehicles, and anything else that uses gasoline will have to be changed to work with Hydrogen instead of gasoline

  • Highly flammable- A highly flammable fuel can create high potential risks

Dependent on using fossil fuels- Although hydrogen energy is a fuel itself,it requires non-renewable resources to seperate it from oxygen
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