Distracting clothes! By Ruby Ewald

Girls outfits in school are distracting boys from learning!

Girls shoulders are distracting everyone!

Those tank tops and sleeveless dresses girls wear are completely absurd! They are causing young boys to get distracted in class and even causing their grades to plummet. Starring into someones shoulders can easily cause boys to lose their train of thought and daze of into oblivion. These reviling dresses and tanks aren't fair to the boys who have to look at our arms all day. Who wouldn't be distracted by a nice shoulder? I know its a head turner for me when I see a nice shoulder as i'm walking down the hall.

Those homely ripped jeans cause a great distraction as well!

The worst off all is those horrid ripped jeans. Those slits in girls skinny jeans can cause a complete ruckus. Everyone in the whole class including your teacher is thrown into a trance by staring into the face of your reviled knees. That little peak of your knee through those torn threads on your knees is like a car wreck, you just cant look away. It enables everyone from completing their work and being able to listen to the teacher. It even keeps the teacher stuttering and looking for words as they try hard to keep there eyes away from your bare knee.
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Your style is a distraction!

Just wear as much clothing as possible!

The best solution to the dreaded peaking out knees and distracting shoulders is to just wear as much clothing as possible! Even in this Texas heat the more clothes the better. No one will be distracted by your long jeans and big jacket in the 100 degree heat! Its better for the girls to just cover up than have anyone be distracted by us! I mean why should we be able to wear what we want if it distracts someone else?