Canada 2040

How will Canada look like in 2040 ?


In 2040 Canada will look different with all the new technology. Canada will not have a lot of subway in 2040 because of the new technology. they paid over 25 billion dollars towards the new transportation technology. in 2040 the health care will improve a lot because all the new technology also because of all the past patients they will have more experience when they deal with something.

3 ways to come to canada

1. Point system.


. English and French

. Adaptability



.arranged employment in Canada

2. refugee status

.life in danger

.country in war



.political opinion


.better jobs

.better education

.better life

.better opportunity

.better health and welfare

demography of Canada in 2040

birth rates and death rates

the population rate will go up by approximate 64% because of all the immigration.

there will be more females just by a little bit.

birth rate- the birth rates will increase because there will be more people in Canada due to the immigration and teenagers growing will look like 1.67 births per women and a ratio of 1.06

death rate- because life expectancy is approximate 83 years it seems people will live longer. Female expect to live 86 years and male 81 years, however,it is estimate that there will be 12. deaths per 1000 on a daily bases


in 2040 Canada will look very up-to-date with everything all the new technology. 2040 Canada population will increase a lot because the immigration, refugees,and all the newborns. Canada health care will improve a lot because of the technology and experience form before,with all that experience there past patients they will know exactly how to treat sickness.