SWV Middle School Choir


Join SWV Middle School Choir!!


Well why not? It's a fun learning experience for everyone. You learn a lot about music, from how to read it, to different dynamics, and how to improve your musical abilities. Plus, Ms. Goodson is a lot of fun too, and of course, a great teacher!

What do you get to do in choir?

You get to do very many things in SWV MS Choir. You learn many different pieces of music, do music projects and research, put on four concerts a year, you get a chance to attend show choir and compete, and of course you have a lot of fun!

You learn and sing lots of different music. You get to sing Holliday Music, Old Music, Today's music and even Music in different languages. Learning and singing the music is very fun and interesting, you also learn things that will help you in your future of music!
The Choir also attends and performs at ADVENTURELAND every year!! How fun would that be? Trust me, it's a ton of fun! So don't miss out and sign up TODAY!!! You'll be glad you did!! :)