The Summer I Turned Pretty

Jenny Han

Book Summary

The Summer I Turned Pretty is captivating. Almost a love triangle between a girl, Belly, and two boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly has been in love with Conrad-her best friend-since forever. Jeremiah-also belly's best friend-has been in love with Belly since forever. Belly and her mother have just arrived at the beach house in Cousins like they have for the past 16 years. They meet and greet with Jeremiah, Conrad, and their mother. This summer is different. Conrad is acting weird and Belly wants to find out why. Jeremiah and Conrad also see Belly differently. She looks older, taller, more confident, more attractive. Throughout this book, you fall in love with every single character and feel exactly what they feel. You will experience the ups and downs of Belly's decisions on who to be with. Does she love Jeremiah or Conrad more? Does she love them the same? Does she love them differently? All these questions will be stuck in your head as you read this book. Which one will she fall in love with?

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