by: Kathryn rasor

Come and see new things!!!

Seattle is next the the Pacific Ocean but not only that it is also by mountains such as mount Rainier. Seattle also has a lot of main attractions besides the ocean and mountains. It has the space needle which is the tallest building in Seattle, it has amazing restaurants, huge shopping centers, incredible aquariums, and it also is the the location at where the only 6 gulled shark lives. its very humid, damp, and cool. The main reason its mostly cooler and humid in Seattle is because it is located in the North which has higher pressure of precipitation.Also called Horse Latitudes. July is the best month to go because its sunny and not to hot and not to cold the weather is perfect. That month gives you more oppertunities to walk around, go shopping, go to national parks, and to just go out and enjoy the weather without worrying about the humidity and rain. At this moment Seattle is very humid and wet, not really a good day to go out and walk around.