10 year old modern day slave girl

Internal Characterization

When Shyima was taken away from her family she was heartbroken, confused, over-worked and was put in poor conditions. She was heartbroken that her parents did not fight for her to stay with her family and that she got taken away from the ones she loves. Also she is confused why anyone would do this to a 10 year old and why her own parents would easily just get rid of one of their youngest childs. Shyima was over-worked and put in poor conditions like she had to sleep in a small room outside of the house, she only got one meal a day (which were the left overs from dinner), she had to clean everyone room in the house, everyday, and had to work until The Mom said that everything looked perfect.
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Historical Connection

In Hidden Girl, the family (Shyima & the captores) are Muslim... They were relating the Muslims in the story to 9/11, which was Muslims who crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City.
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In Hidden Girl, Shyima and her captores are Muslim. When they moved to the United States mostly everyone was Christian and American. So Muslim was a very powerful word showing that they were different than everyone in the US and they were basically being targeted by non- Muslims.


Also in this book... Shyima was from Eygpt, a country in Africa, when she was taken away from her family and was moved to the United States with her captores. Everyday she would think about her parents in Egypt and how they betrayed her to be a slave. She misses her home place in Egypt and wants to go back everyday.


In Hidden Girl there are many different settings:

1. When Shyima is at home, not a slave yet, she lived in a small apartment room with over 6 people, no beds, no running water (unless you went a couple miles to the well), etc.

2. When Shyima was a slave in Egypt, she lived in a large 5 story house, a wealthy neighborhood, which she lived in a room on the 5th story with many other slaves, etc.

3. When Shyima lived as a slave in the US, she lived in a 2 story house with her room in a small closet in the garage, with no working light, no bathroom, etc.



Shyima had a conflict between the society when she had to take off her head dress to stay safe after the 9/11 attacks. She was breaking her religion rules by doing this.


Shymia had a conflict between herself because everyday she had to act her best. She had to do this so herself and her family could stay safe and healthy, so if she does something wrong The Mom will beat her and her family. Also Shymia will never see her parents again if she does not please The Mom.