Gator Tech Academy Day 1

Friday, June 7, 2013

Join Edmodo and our DISD Edmodo Pilot Group

Sign up for a Teacher Edmodo account at School Codes                    Group CodeBCE: 7irm7p                              Join the Group DISD Edmodo Pilot Group Code h8i9ebDHS: 32c13vDMS: a4xelbHRE: 0ev354JSE: 44ir5lBMS: x5vk96KEL: l2tthfMJH: zbeu65SLE: ndaoml
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Introduction, Summer Plans, Edmodo Account Sign Up, What You’re Doing with Technology in Your Classrooms, What Other Districts are Doing, Ideas for Collaboration with Skype, Video Conferencing, Dropbox, Flipped Learning, other tools – 30 minutes
CUE13 - Keynote: Kevin Honeycutt - Trends, Tools and Tactics for 21st Century Learning
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Qwizdom Activity

Compare your knowledge to 8th Graders – 30 minutes
Compare Results & Discuss – 10 minutes

Qwizdom Overview – 30 minutes
Power Point Integration – 5 minutes
Answer Keys – 5 minutes
On-the-Fly Questioning – 5 minutes
Qwizdom Content – 5 minutes

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Fed Ex Time: Deliver (Be Prepared to Present Something Before Lunch)

“Google 20% Time:” On Your Own, Be Creative, Work Collaboratively – 1 hour

Turn it In: Post Work to Edmodo

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Break for Lunch: Be back at 12:30

Google 20% Time (Watch Minutes 13:30 - 15:00)

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

Inter Write Workspace Software – 20 minutes

Go to vBrick via http://video (Note this is a server and can only be viewed in DISD)

1. Click on the Media Library

2. Type in Interwrite into the Search bar

3. Explore videos

4. Hook up your Mobi and Play!


5. Make a Screen Cast; Work Collaboratively

How to Upload to YouTube (Somewhat Optional)

Uploading Video To YouTube | How To Upload Video To YouTube (2013)

Document Cameras

Make a Movie, Work Collaboratively – 30 minutes
• Upload videos to You Tube – 20 minutes
• Post to Edmodo – 10 minutes
• Present Your Videos, Work Collaboratively – 30 minutes

Popcorn and a Movie: PBS “TED Ed” Talks – 1 hour

TED Talks Education

Discussion + Next Steps – 10 minutes

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Thank you for coming today!

Don't forget to login to Eduphoria and complete your suveys.

And, have a great Summer. :)