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What is FitTrack scale?

In a nutshell, FitTrack is a scale. However, the manufacturer promises that this BMI digital scale will differ significantly from other products. In addition to your body weight, this scale measures a total of 17 different body values. These include the BMI, the water content in the body and the fat and bone content of the current weight. According to the manufacturer, smart technology should be used to maintain these values.

During weighing, an electrical impulse measures where resistances arise and calculates all current values on the basis of these signals emitted by the body. These should then be available directly in the manufacturer's app. This can make it possible for you to document your weight and body fat at any time via your smartphone and to see all the data in black and white.

Why do I need this scale?

This BMI digital scale serves not only to monitor weight loss but also general fitness. The device should be able to measure and record progress and setbacks on a daily basis. In combination with the app you can see what effects a new training plan or a change in diet has on the composition of weight and body fat. You can also set goals in the app. According to the manufacturer, this should also awaken the motivation to stay on the ball and not give up the desired weight loss prematurely.

The target group of the scales includes the entire family from toddlers to grandparents. The device can store the data of eight different people and also has a children's mode. This ensures that the children receive an attenuated electrical impulse and therefore do not find weighing unpleasant. You can use the app to track the child's development over the years and thus be able to see how the weight is developing. The weight can already be measured from 3 kilograms. The maximum value of the measurements is a body weight of 180 kilograms.

FitTrack evaluation and recommendation

The FitTrack BMI digital balance relies entirely on BIA technology to measure weight and body fat. BIA stands for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and was developed in the last century to not only measure weight, but to show how it is composed. The manufacturer promises to measure 17 different body values. This number clearly shows that you should be familiar with some terms like BMI when using the scale.

It quickly becomes apparent that this product is primarily intended to work with the values obtained. If you want to lose weight you will get an immediate overview if your weight is really stagnating or if muscles are replacing fat. As an athlete you are also in the picture about the progress achieved and do not have to visit a suitable doctor permanently.

To read all values you need to download the app. It is free of charge, but currently only compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. If you use a different operating system on your mobile phone, you should consider the purchase very carefully. Not all values can be read on the device itself, so you need the app to check and compare them with your previous measurements.

FitTrack technical facts

The technical facts of the BMI digital scale include:

  • BIA technology
  • Measurement of 17 different body values
  • free app for iOS and Android
  • easy weight management from home
  • Battery operated

Four AAA batteries are required for the balance to operate. These are inserted on the back and are currently not included. Without the batteries, the electrical impulses cannot be emitted, nor can weight and body fat be measured. If you document the values several times a day, for example to prepare for a competition, it is advisable to always have spare batteries at hand. This will make it easier for you to take the measurements at home and not have to go to a gym or a doctor.
FitTrack Scale

FitTrack test and quality characteristics

The FitTrack BMI digital scale comes from an American manufacturer and has been officially approved for sale by the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration checks the products against the promises made by the manufacturer. Being approved by the FDA in the USA is a quality feature that proves that the scale is not dangerous for the user.

In addition, the manufacturer himself points out that persons with a known cardiac insufficiency should not use the BMI digital balance. The electrical impulses emitted could disrupt a pacemaker and thus become a health hazard.

FitTrack Reviews

Using the FitTrack scale at home right now is probably one of the easiest ways to keep track of more than just your weight. Expensive gym memberships are not required to check the most important values. A positive aspect of this product is the easy handling of the app. The device is connected to the app via Bluetooth within a few moments and even the creation of profiles is not very time-consuming for laymen.

If you share the device with your family or roommates, they will not be able to view your data. If you don't want to share these values, there is no possibility for other people to have secret access. The device itself recognizes the different users, so that there is no possibility of confusion.

The buyers, who have given an opinion about the product online, also describe its easy use. It also confirms that the measurements are completely painless and that the electrical impulses emitted are not accompanied by negative health consequences.
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Where can I order FitTrack?

You can buy the FitTrack BMI digital scale from the manufacturer's website or from mail order companies such as Amazon. The manufacturer has its own shop there, where you can also choose from other BIA measuring instruments. If you want to save money on your purchase and don't want to pay the full price, the manufacturer's website is the best choice.

Discount promotions are displayed here first and you have the option to pay a lower price than with other shops. If you decide to buy a set, you will currently find two interesting discounts. If you buy two scales, you get a 50% discount on the second one. If you buy three scales, you pay the price of two and get the third one for free.

Who is the supplier of the product?

Further information on the manufacturer of the BMI digital balance for measuring weight and body fat:

The GiddyUp Group

Address: 16 N. Oak Street
Ventura, California 93001
Country of Origin: USA

Homepage: *

This company is the supplier of the product. He takes over the distribution and also takes care of all payments and returns. If you have a problem with the scale, this company is the first point of contact for purchases via the website. The imprint also lists the names of all managing directors, so that you also have the option of appointing a responsible person in the event of legal disputes.

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