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A little about this product

This absolute value function has many great attributes. Some of the amazing things about this are that its domain stretching from negative infinity to positive infinity, and also, its range is from zero (yes, that zero is included in the asking price) all the way to infinity! This product only has an intercept at the origin, and its symmetric over the y-axis (all of the best functions are!). Due to the fact that it is symmetric to the y-axis, it is an even function as well!
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Additional info on this product

This function is decreasing on the interval negative infinity to zero, and increasing on the interval zero to positive infinity. There is no maximum to this product, but the minimum is at the origin (0,0).

Fun Fact: An absolute value function is actually two piecewise functions. Two in one, what a great deal!

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Bob Marley- Positive Vibration

|Absolute Value Joke|

Q: Why are you so positive all the time?!

A: Because I'm an absolute value !!!