Salvador Christmas Traditions

By:Carolina Irigoyen

Five facts

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What Christmas is about to them

Christmas in salvador is a combination of religious worship, family and friends togetherness and fun for all during the festive season.Since it's a family and friends thing the whole community throws a huge party for everyone in the center of there towns for the people who don't have family so they won't spend it alone.
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There traditional route

They have a traditional route what that means is that they go to there friends houses to eat then before they go to their own families houses to eat.
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Misa de Gallo

So around 11:30 they start ringing the Church bells to tell the families that rooster mass is going to start and all members of the family go
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Fun Fact

Fact about the rooster mass the reason it's called that is because it is said that has been the only time a rooster crowed at midnight and it's also done at midnight because that was the time god was born.
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Their walls

In some places they color there walls white to make it look like snow because they believe snow is a traditional thing to have on Christmas .
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They celebrate Christmas just like Mexico with the misa de gallo and the nativity scene and fireworks and they both have parades and partys and they believe that God and family are the most important thing to remember on Christmas.
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