Assistant Game Warden

Learn about Assistant Game Wardens

Assistant Game Warden Salary

The Average pay a year for a Assistant Game Warden is $40,000-$50,000.

Education that is needed for Assistant Game Warden

You need a degree in forestry, a chainsaw license, and you would have a better chance of getting in if you volunteered once in your life.

Environmental relationship of a Assistant game Warden

The relationship with the environment is that you are helping the environment by trying to stop pollution and keeping endangered species from harm.

Assistant Game Warden Job Description and Duties

Description:Throwing away or getting rid of dangerous and invasive species.This job is also for protecting endangered species in the wild by making them homes, feeding them,and making sure they're safe. Assistant game Wardens also patrol the waters of lakes, rivers, and oceans to make sure everyone is doing the right thing and obeying the laws, and are not endangering any wildlife. They also search the woods to make sure there are no poachers or other human threats that will hurt the wildlife.

Duties:Keep environment safe by picking up garbage that other people leave behind, make sure that ponds(if have any nearby camp or main station)clean and not filled with trash.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages:You get to be in the fresh air all day and you get to be with animals that you normally don’t see everyday

Disadvantages:If it’s cold out and you're on the ice and the ice broke and you fell into the water you could get hypothermia. You're the assistant warden and not the normal warden.

Other interesting facts about being a Assistant game warden.

You are outside almost the whole day with the animals, and plants that inspired you to take the job. Another interesting fact is that your job isn't the same everyday you could be on the water one day and the next in the woods.