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May 2023

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Message from the Superintendent

Hello Emery Unified School District!

This month we are celebrating many staff appreciation days. We celebrate our teachers, classroom instructional aides, administrative assistants, principals, counselors, custodians, nutrition staff, and all our Emery team members! They are amazing, hardworking staff who are committed to supporting students on their path to successful futures.

Our educators have worked all year to prepare students for this next step. We celebrate the work that happens every day that helps our students to build the foundation for their future academic and personal achievements.

Let’s finish the school year strong! I look forward to seeing our community at the end of year activities including the high school graduation!


Dr. Quiauna Scott


Excellence - Equity - Engagement - We are #EmeryStrong!

Congratulations on another incredible year!

College Decision Day

College Decision Day celebrates our graduating seniors who have chosen a college to attend! We are so proud of our students who are taking the next step in their careers and education. Thank you for attending our event celebrating these seniors!
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Celebrating Library Month

In April we celebrated Library Month! We recognize our EUSD Librarian Ms. Turner for her empowerment of our students' love of reading and libraries. As our librarian, Ms. Turner provides literacy support through library operations that include technology assistance, coding, robotics activities, and more. Students can also visit the virtual library site to find book recommendations and read-alouds.

Librarians play a critical role in helping students access information and resources. At Emery, our library is a place for community and lifelong learning, thanks to the dedication of Ms. Turner! Superintendent Dr. Scott shares, “Ms. Turner has been an educator at Emery Unified School District for almost 22 years. As the librarian, she offers an inviting space to read and spends time reading engaging books aloud that ignites our students’ love for reading! Ms. Turner curates a collection of books that reflect our school community and brings relevance to each student’s library experience.

Overall, she provides our students with books, digital literacy, and coding opportunities that feed their curiosity as lifelong learners. We are so thankful for our librarian, Ms. Turner!”

This summer, we encourage students to visit their local library, check out books, and read as a family! Reading every day supports lifelong learning and literacy skills. Literacy provides the foundation for lifelong learning and success. It helps children develop critical thinking and communication skills, and it can open up a world of knowledge and opportunities.

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Facilities Updates

There are many upcoming changes to our facilities that will improve the quality of our classroom environments. Upgrades are necessary to improve the safety, functionality, and appearance of facilities. They also support energy efficiency and the overall atmosphere of our school site. Jody Clarke, Director of Maintenance and Operations at Emery, shared these updates:

  • Carport installation in the parking lot along the field will begin in June 2023.
  • New solar panel canopies will be installed to provide more coverage than existing canopies. Construction is expected in early August 2023.
  • Anna Yates Elementary will receive updated learning space materials including furniture and hallway bulletin boards.
  • Emery Secondary School will also receive updated learning space materials including furniture, tables, a trophy display, and front office seating.
  • New turf will be installed outside.

To read the full Facilities Update, check out the Board Meeting agenda for April 26, 2023 under “Facilities Update.”

San Pablo Avenue Bus-Bike Lanes Construction

As we have previously shared, parking spaces will be removed on San Pablo Ave for the installation of bike lanes outside of our front office. The San Pablo Avenue Bus-Bike Lanes Project proposes to construct side-running bus-only lanes and protected bike lanes along San Pablo Avenue within Oakland, Emeryville, and South Berkeley. We understand this is a big shift for the community. The anticipated finalization is the year 2025. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding as Alameda County works to make modifications to the street. If you would like to voice a concern, please contact Amber Evans, Community Development Coordinator, Economic Development and Housing Division, Community Development Department, City of Emeryville (1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville, CA 94608) by phone at 510-596-4382 or by email at

According to project details, San Pablo Avenue Corridor Bus-Bike Lanes Project Benefits include:

  • Safer crossings along a busy, higher speed arterial street

  • Faster, more reliable bus transit service

  • Multimodal network gap closures

  • Environmental sustainability and equity benefits from improving non-driving options

The project will extend 3.5-miles along San Pablo Avenue between 16th Street in Downtown Oakland and Heinz Avenue in South Berkeley. The project scope also includes improvements to make it easier for people walking and biking to cross San Pablo Avenue, bus stop spacing optimization, and bus stop amenities/streetscape improvements.

The project will convert one travel lane in each direction to a bus-only lane and convert the on-street parking lanes to protected bike lanes. Parking and loading activity will be relocated to side streets, existing off-street facilities and a limited number of new loading zones on San Pablo where alternatives are not available. The project was identified based on the first phase of San Pablo Avenue corridor planning and outreach from 2017-2020. It is part of a package of three projects being advanced along San Pablo Avenue within Alameda County.

Read about the San Pablo Avenue Corridor Project here. Read the fact sheet here.

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Now Enrolling!

We invite you to enroll in TK at Anna Yates Elementary! Eligibility birthdates for Transitional Kindergarten have been adjusted and children can now enroll in and begin attending Transitional Kindergarten earlier (depending on their birthdate). For more information, please visit the Anna Yates School website.
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We are Hiring!

Working at Emery Unified School District is a great way to make a difference in the lives of students and help them reach their full potential. At Emery, employees have the opportunity to work with other dedicated professionals who are passionate about education. We invite you to apply for a role at Emery Unified School District!
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EUSD has partnered with to offer a supplemental resource to our students in grades 3-12. provides 24/7, on-demand, 1-to-1 tutoring and homework help in more than 250 subjects. We encourage you to watch the following informational videos featured in our newsletter to learn how to access this powerful resource available to all the students in grades 3-12 at no charge. for K-12 Schools: Demo for Students and Parents for K12 Students: A Step by Step Guide

Community Resources

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