Immigration Project

By: Paul Rushing

When they came to the U.S.

The Puerto Rican people came to the US in 1917.

Why they came to the U.S.

Puerto Rican people came to america because there was a great depression and there was jobs recruiting off the island in the US.

how the group got to the United States?

Some came by boat and some came by plane.

what US immigration laws or policies were in effect at the time of the group's migration?

The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. it allowed the immigrant families to reunite in the US.

how many members of their group came to the United States?

In the 60's there was 2.7 million Puerto Ricans in the US.

how the United States' population received and/or treated the group?

They moved in and was treated only as new comers.

where the group settled?

The group settled in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Newark.

jobs the group typically found?

They usually were farm workers in Puerto rico but in the US they worked in the local police departments, in hotels, in the hospitals, and garment factories.

contributions the group made to the United States and its culture?

They contributed socially in New York mostly. They introduced different foods, clothes, how we would wear those clothes, language, hair styles.

Influence the group had on their homelands as a result of its migration?

The group brought cultural diversity because they had different customs and traditions.