My Future

By: Cayla Simmons

Life after highschool...

I hope to be accepted in the University of Miami

I would be attending their school of nursing and health sciences

I hope to graduate with my PHD, bachelors and doctorate degree

My career of choice is an orthodontist

in order to do this I will need

-a 4 year regular college bachelors degree

-4yr dental school doctorate degree

- 3 years of special ortho training before entering the workforce

A little bit about the University of Miami ...

Location: Coral Gables, Florida

Activities/ Attractions near by

-Casa Bacardi

-Cas Gallery

-Bill cosford cinema

-lowe art museums

How much?

Tuition: 41,580

Graduate tuition credit per hour: 1,790

travel, books, personal expenses: 5,820

19 meal plan board: 5,348

residential college: 7,336

Campus sports

They have all sports for example football, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, softball

They have many performing arts programs

University of Miami
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The campus