"Bucky Rocket Blaster"

How Bucky came to life... By: Abigail Gillis

Day 1 - Research

My group consisted of Ireland Virgil, Madalyn Frank and Abigail Gillis. Together we created Bucky Rocket Blaster, and the acronym BRB meaning "be right back just got to launch into outer-space". On the first day of the rocket making process was research, lots and lots of research. We specifically researched all about rocket anatomy, stability, aerodynamics and many other fancy science terms.

Engineering Design Process

Day 2 - Fins and General Structure

My group has four fins on the rocket equally spread apart. We measured the circumference then divide it by four to find where to place the fins on the rocket. We built our fins out of a cardboard box. We made our fins two layers thick because we wanted our fins to be stiff. We put our fins toward the bottom and farther back on the rocket. We taped our fins on using electrical tape.

We built the main structure of the rocket with 1 1/2 2 liter bottle by using one whole bottle then connecting another half of a bottle to attach the nosecone without getting water in the parachute.

Day 3 - Construction of Parachute and Nosecone

We designed a long and pointed cone. Long, skinny and pointed cones are proven more aerodynamic than the wider, shorter nosecones, however it also makes the parachute harder to deploy. We decided to make the cone out of card stock. The cone is sitting loosely on the body of the rocket so that the parachute can deploy. The nose cone is attached to rest of the rocket by thick coarse yarn.

For the parachute my group decided that we would make our parachute out of a garbage bag. So would cut off the open side of the bag to make it shorter and use the end already sealed together to have the end rounded for the parachute shape. We made the parachute with 16 lines to connect the parachute to the rocket. The we are also evenly spread the lines out and tied them on. This is how we made our nosecone and parachute.

Day 4 - Decorating and retouching of nosecone

To decorate our fabulous rocket we needed a theme. Maddie brought in plain red and white duct tape, she also brought in red tape with Buckys' and w's on it to make the rocket look even cooler. I was in charge of the decorating, so I covered the entire rocket with tape, it was a very fun job. I made the nosecone white and the every thing else red, with bucky's and w's on the fins.

When we went into class for the day we were surprised to see that our entire nosecone busted because we put electrical tape on card stock and not enough. To fix this mistake we put a tremendous amount of scotch tape and then white duct tape over the top. This fixed the issue however it made the parachute harder to deploy, which is something I would have changed for the future.

Day 5 - More Finishing Touches and Testing

On day 5 our group put clay in the nosecone so the center of gravity would be located in the center. We then cut tape off of areas that would cause friction against the nosecone and the body. Another redesign to the project was making the string attaching the nosecone to the body of the rocket longer so that the parachute had a better chance of deploying.

Rocket Statistics

The name of my rocket is: Bucky Rocket Blaster

Mass of my rocket in grams: 269.5 gm

Height of my Rocket in cm: 70.5 cm

Volume of my pressure bottle in mL: 2,000 mL

Best volume of water for launch in mL: 700 mL

Best launch time: 9.23 seconds

Launching day...

Rocket Launch 1
Rocket Launch 2

My Final Thoughts:

I thought this was a very fun, hands-on project that got kids thinking an interested in science. Our group did pretty well, I would have liked our parachute to have deployed, but we still got a good score of 9.23 seconds for all the hard work going into the "Bucky Rocket Blaster."