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January 2016

Set Your Intention

Book all your classes ahead and put them in your calendar like you would a work meeting, date night or special event. This one commitment is equally important as all other commitments.

Class Change

Starting February we are adding a 10 AM class on Saturday. As our client base grows we will continue to add more classes.

First Visit? - Welcome to Be Barre Fit!

Just a few notes to make your first visit enjoyable. At Hockessin Crossing parking is plentiful. We are located on the second floor, above J.Christian Studio. Take the stairs to the second floor.

Please arrive 15 minutes early. Wear form fitting clothing such as yoga pants or capris, no shorts or exposed midriffs. Bring a water bottle. You will need grip/sticky socks if you have grip socks great, if not, we sell them for $10 a pair.

We have lockers for your valuables.

No cell phones in the studio.

We have a four hour cancellation policy, if you can't make it please let us know.

Welcome to our new Barre Instructor Sarah

Since opening the studio Sarah has been a client of ours, several months ago she decided to come on board as a trainee. Sara is certified in SB Barre, she is also a Physical Therapist. Sarah is on the schedule Thursdays.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor please talk to Audrey or Trish.


We follow Red Clay School District inclement weather, if they close so do we. If we have to close and you have a class scheduled we will email you to let you know of closure. Finally, we will post on Facebook.

It is Wedding Season

Getting married? Be Barre Fit is partnering with J.Christian Studio and Jennifer Bridal for the next Beauty Lounge. Limited places available, be quick to book.

We have help many brides get their bodies ready for their weddings. Be Barre Fit offers a 3 month bridal package, book in the studio.

How early should brides start working out in order to get their best body for the wedding, and how often should they go to class?

Some clients see changes within the first month of class, but the more time a bride has, the more results she will see. We recommend at least three months prior to the big day, but if a bride is able to start sooner, that’s even better! We recommend three to five times a week for best results.

Bridal Package 3 Months of Unlimited classes for $350. Book in the studio or by

​phone (302) 234-4300.

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