Surviving In Canada

What All I Need To Survive In The Wilderness

The 10 important things that you need to survive in the woods ?

  • Emergency Kit-You need a emergency kit because if you gets hurt badly .
  • Shelter-You will need shelter because in case you get lost or you need help or anything .
  • Food/Water-We need water/food because so we don't have to eat poison food and we also need water because so we don't get dehydrated .
  • Weapon-We need weapons because you don't know if something try to attack you .
  • Clothes-We going to need clothes in case we get dirty .
  • Shoes-We going to need shoes to walk in something .
  • Book Bag-We going to need a book bag so we can carry our stuff in .
  • Sleeping Bag - We are going to need a sleeping to sleep in .
  • Rope/Wire-We need a Rope/wire In case you need to climb somewhere .
  • Heat-We need heat in case we you get cold or you need to warm up your food .
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