Canvas/Skyward Grade Passback

FAQ's & Troubleshooting


  • Must have a UNIQUE name
  • Must have points (can be out of any amount of points - DOES NOT HAVE TO BE 100)
  • Assignment Group must be MAJ or DW
  • Make sure that the "include grade in SIS" button is checked (default is checked)
  • Assign to at least one section or everyone (if assigned to one person, not eligible for passback)
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What do grades look like in Skyward?

Point Values

  • You can assign any point value to your assignments, they do not have to be 100 points
  • If you assign points to an assignment they show up in Skyward as points
  • Example: Assignment worth 8 points, student score 6/8, grade shows up in Skyward as 6 in the teacher view of the gradebook
  • It is calculated and weighted as 6/8 = 75% in Skyward
  • Option: If you want, you can go into each assignment in Skyward and check a button that says show as a percent (however, it is not necessary nor required to do this)
  • If an item is marked as EX in Canvas, it shows up in Skyward as No Count (the star will still be in the Skyward Gradebook, but if you click on the assignment in Skyward, you will see the No Count box has been checked)

ALL Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions MUST Have a UNIQUE Name to Pass into Skyward

If you notice that something is not passing back into Skyward, please check to make sure the name is UNIQUE. Also, go into Skyward, click on Display Options--Restore Deleted Assignments. If you have deleted assignments in Skyward, they STILL EXIST and you cannot reuse those names. (See images below)

If you use Warm Up as an assignment name, it has to be unique every time. Example:

  • Warm-Up 1
  • Warm-Up 2
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Posting Grades - Post Often!

Please remember that parents do not have access to Canvas at this time.

  • Post grades from Canvas often (simple click of a button) to update grades in Skyward
  • You can click the post grades button from Canvas as many times as you need to within the active grading period
  • Parents will be looking at Skyward for current grades for their children

540 - Canvas-Skyward Integration Overview

Still having problems?

Please contact your media specialist or submit a helpdesk ticket in Eduphoria--Canvas--Grade Passback Issues.


  • Link to course gradebook in Canvas
  • Details with exactly what is happening
  • For faster service, include screenshot and/or brief screencast showing issue in both Canvas and Skyward side
  • The more information you provide, the quicker the issue can be resolved

Follow Up:

  • You may be sent a request to do a Google Hangout so you can share your screen for further troubleshooting