InternationaL FOOD BLOG

An idea of primary students


The students will learn to file, compare and classify information. To share knowledge with the rest, to communicate and to create digital resources.

As a result, a connection will be create between two countries through the exchange of information related to the Gastronomy tradition and the knowledge of the products in its own country, to promote English as a common language and encourage them to use modern technologies.

Learn new recipies from Spain and Italy

The students will gather information regarding the traditional gastronomy of the their regions. In such manner, they will discover the traditions and culinary customs and so as to their exchange counterparts. They will then analyze the different habits/practices in relation to food thus making a connection with their geographical locations.

Topics suggested:

. The different meals of the day(breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) and the different food habits/practices

. Regional Culinary Specialties

. The traditional cuisine/dish

. Exchange of favorite dish recipes

One of our creations - FAKE SUSHI

Healthy and easy too elaborate


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