Gunderson Luthern Athletic Trainer

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Job Description

Help get injured athletes back to full health.

Education, Training, Liscensing Required

To be a certified athletic trainer you must obtain a Bachelor's Degree.

Day-To-Day Work Activities

Working with student athletes, watching sporting events, driving to away games.

Working Conditions

Most athletic trainers are on a tight budget and don't get the biggest room to work in. Conditions depends on what level of athletics you are working with.

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Current Employment & Outlook

The average salary for athletic trainers around the United States is $42,000.

Current Employment & Outlook

The growth rate in this field is at 25% and isn't exactly a high demanding job.


The most important advantage in my opinion is getting to be involved in sporting events year round. Also you get to really know the kids you are working with. Some disadvantages are that they get paid by salary. Also that the growth rate is not very high.