Pectin as shown lowers cholesterol

In cosmetic creams and gels pectin is added as a stabilizer. That's great, because we want to use natural cosmetics. In the pharmaceutical industry are also used property pectin, but not exclusively. It tends to mitigate certain side effects of chemicals, for example, it is added to aspirin. And with the addition of pectin in their action is prolonged antibiotics, and wound up a toxic effect on the body. And used in tablets to mitigate throat.

Cellulite Treatment - A medical application of pectin - it's just a fairy tale -It binds heavy metals, radioactive substances, pesticides and displays the body of these harmful substances. So in hazardous industries mandatory offers catering, where there pectins, such as beet pectin.

Pectin as shown lowers cholesterol.
Great-cleansing properties of pectin are favorable for both prevention and in treatment of obesity and diabetes, diseases of the stomach and intestines, liver and pancreas.

There is intake of pectin - adult from 4-15 grams per day. If you eat in a day, about 500 grams of vegetables or fruit, you get 5 grams of pectin, respectively. But how much pectin is contained in:
• Citrus peels - 30%
• Carrot - 1.4%
• Apples - 1.5%
• Apricots - 1%
• Oranges - 3.5%
• Cherry - 0.4%.
• Once again, the main beneficial properties of pectin.
• Displays toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful substances from the body;
• Improves the intestinal microflora;