3 Blind Mice

Ayana Bronner

The 3 blind mice were a local gang a mice who went around and stole cheese. One day on a random farm the 3 mice saw a huge slice of cheese sitting in the window. Little did those 3 mice know that the cheese was for a mouse chess club meeting. The 3 blind mice climbed to the window sill and stole the cheese. The chess club saw the 3 blind mice and called the rats (cops) on them. The 3 blind mice were put under arrest. They sent the chess club a subpoena so they could be there to hear the verdict. A public defender was provided for the 3 blind mice, since they could have enough cheese to hire one. The 3 blind mice were convicted of felony for cheese robbery (which was a very serious crime for mice). It was easy to get an indictment considering the nature of the crime. As the arraignment continued the petit jury walked back in from break. The prosecutors and the defendants were angry with each other as they yelled across the court room. The judge ordered silence and asked if there were any witnesses. The problem was the two groups were the only mice around. One of the 3 blind mice were called to the stand, he took his oath, and after he had a perjury. Because he lied and said that the chess club were throwing the cheese at them and it badly injured them. Everyone in the room could see that was untrue. The grand jury thought the 3 blind mice were guilty. But the judge appealed the case for a later date. Before the next case, the 3 blind mouses public defender told them it would be best to take a plea bargain. But the 3 blind mice refused. At their next court hearing they were convicted with a first degree charge and their bail was set for 300 cheeses. Those 3 blind mice would never get out.
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