By Mercedes Markowitz PD1

What does a criminal lawyer do?

A criminal lawyer is a person who represents a criminal in court. For example, if you rob a bank and you have to go to court and you need a lawyer to defend you, you would hire a criminal lawyer.

Tavel, Danger, and Advantages

Travel- Lawyers dont really travel too much, mostly in state if anything.

Danger- When you are a criminal lawyer, you deal with criminals all day. There are a lot of dangers because the person has done something bad in the past clearly so they could always hurt you.

Advantages- Once you have been a lawyer for a long time, you can almost pick your schedule. Also you dont work in an office all day. You can make runs to visit your client and also to court.


You need a 4 year college education with 3 years in law school. The top 10 majors for entering law school are Physics/Math, Economics, Philosophy/Theology, International Relations, Engineering, Government, Chemistry, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Foreign Languages. The best colleges for law currently are Yale, Harvard, and Stanford.

Base Salary

In a private firm ..... $78,593 per year (minimum) but you can also work your way up to making 187,199 per year (top 25%)

Solo....$95,195 per year.