Indian Independence

The Mahatma and His Salt March

By: Mackenzie Horton

The Inspiring Mahatma

  • His full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)
  • Leader of Indian nationalist movement
  • Mahatma means great soul
  • Gandhi's life was guided by the search for truth
  • He overcame fear and taught others how to master fear
  • Believed in Satyagraha - the direct social action, principles of courage non-violence, and truth
  • He spent 7 years in prison after the salt march for his political protest

This is a picture of Gandhi himself:

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The Beginning of the Glorious Salt March

  • This event was a Salt march against unfair taxes
  • British Government heavily taxed production of salt, it was all imported to Britain form India
  • Illegal for Indians to make/sell salt
  • If they picked up natural piece of salt a peasant could be arrested
  • Gandhi and his followers marched from Satyagraha Ashram to Dandi in India
  • 24 day, 240 mile march

This is Gandhi and many other Indian citizens walking to protest tax on salt:

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The Midst of the Marvelous Salt March

  • Gandhi created the salt march to be a non-violent & non-cooperation against British

  • Turned into a mass movement with thousands of followers around the world

  • Gandhi’s campaign march 2, 10 days later him and 78 others went the long journey
  • Gathered salt from the shores of India, burned British cloth, and went on strike to protest tax
  • Followers were a wide spread of different Indians: Muslim, Christian, Hindus

Here are some of the thousands of followers Gandhi had:

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Fantastic Facts about Gandhi and the Salt March

  • 100,000 arrested over a month for salt related crimes and protests

  • Without salt our bodies couldn’t digest food, transmit nerve impulses, move muscles, or make hearts beat

  • Gandhi was arrested May 4, 1930

  • March 5 ,1931 Gandhi-Irwin pact signed ending salt tax

  • India granted freedom in 1947

  • Sarojini Naidu (poet and politician) was one of Gandhi's most devoted supporters

  • Gandhi was shot by Nathuram Godse on January 30, 1948, a year after India gained its independence

Assessment Question

The participants demonstrated their belief system throughout the Salt March by standing up for what they believe is wrong. They showed perseverance by walking the long hours of the day for 240 miles. Each participant remained non-violent and peaceful through the whole protest, which was around a year, that shows heavy perseverance and compassion for what they think is right.