Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

May 2nd - May 6th

Important Updates

  • Please return the report card signed. I will give your child a copy to keep when the report card is returned.

  • Friday is the test on VS10 Virginia Government, Products/Industries. Our final unit!!!!!!! I will be having a morning review session at 7:45 on Friday morning. I will be adding activities to review soon, and a review sheet will be going home on Wednesday to begin to fill in. This is a great way to study! It will be due on Friday.

  • I will also be sending out a Sign Up Genius for our Virginia Studies Giant Cookie Review. Be on the lookout for it this week.

  • See some pics below from our Poet-T-Shirt day are attached. I was very impressed with the poetry written!

  • A letter came home in the report card about SOL dates. They begin in a week. Please note them so that your child will be in school on testing days.

  • PTA Spring Fling is this Friday night. Come and enjoy games, food, and vendors!

What is Going on This Week in Curriculum?


Mrs. Dearmon's Math Class

  • Monday we begin our final unit on probability. Today we will learn probability vocabulary such as certain, likely, equally likely, unlikely, and impossible.

  • Tuesday we will be finding the probability of a certain event using a fraction and location on a number line.

  • Wednesday we will be reviewing probability and there will be a practice test for HW.

  • Thursday is our test on probability. The homework will be some SOL review work. The green notebook will be very helpful with this.

  • Friday we will begin reviewing for the SOL test by completing a review sheet with a partner.

Each day we will also be going over the most commonly missed questions from the SOL simulation test given a couple of weeks ago.

Reminder that our SOL test in math will be held May 25 and 27th.

Ms. Olmeda's Math Class

  • We have concluded our unit on Probability. Now, we are going to turn our focus to reviewing the previous units the students have learned. This will help prepare students for the SOL.

  • We will work on various topics this week. Please continue to review students’ multiplication facts at home (using note cards or quizzing them).

Reader's Workshop

  • Mrs. Bell and I will be pulling small groups to go over tests with students receiving below a75% on the reading SOL simulation test. We will be going over the questions missed most frequently and discuss test taking strategies.

  • We will be reviewing for the reading SOL that is next week by practicing some passages on non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and a flier. The students will practice one type of passage a day, and we will be reviewing the answers.

Writer's Workshop

  • This week we will be drafting and typing a persuasive writing. The students will learn how to provide evidence and examples to support their opinion.


Ho hum . . . . still no science. But soon, very soon!!!!!

Virginia Studies

  • We are finishing up our final Virginia Studies unit!!!

  • Monday through Wednesday, we will be learning about the branches of Virginia's government, and the products and industries in each region.

  • Thursday is our review day with a powerpoint and some cut and paste reviews.

  • Friday is the test on this unit. There is a fill in the blank review sheet going home on Wednesday that is due on Friday for the test. Reminder that I will have a review session on Friday morning. I will also place some review games on Edmodo for VS10.

  • The DSS sheets will continue with one per day. Again, we begin these in school each day and whatever is not done, is homework. I have provided a review packet and a powerpoint on Edmodo to help with these.