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with our counterfeit jerseys

Our partnership makes counterfeit jerseys

Have you ever needed a jersey to go to a game of your favorite sports team? Now it's quick and easy to get one, and cheaper than ever. Just because they're illegal shouldn't bother you. Design your own jersey at our website. These jerseys are exact replicas of the ones produced legally.

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Being an illegal business, we don't advertise our headquarters. So, the only way to buy from us is on the phone or online. The online option is much easier. Our phones are open all week from 9am-9pm

We Are JerseyFeit

many partnerships are hard. We accomplish this by: not having other partners responsible for your actions, sharing the profits equally, never disagreeing (if someone does, they are fired), and nobody ever wants to leave. We don't have any employees to manage. We will not have a labor union, this might expose us. We are "going green" by using mostly recycled material in the making of our jerseys.