OCPL Weekly Update

February 4, 2015

Mahan Library

I don’t have a whole lot to report. I’m looking into the possibility of having some sort of a gardening program here in the spring. I contacted the Oldham County Extension Office and they’re going to call me back.

We’re continuing to have some issues with the ILL courier service. As I write this report on Wednesday afternoon, the courier still hasn’t shown up. Simply put, the people at KYVL need to let the courier service know that they aren’t doing the job they’re getting paid for. Let’s hope the courier service gets this message and takes it to heart!


Outreach & Adult Programming

This week I’ve been finishing the promotional booklets we’ll be giving to the Legislators at Thursday’s Library Legislative Day in Frankfort. I’ve been looking at information from our annual report to include and I’ve seen some really interesting numbers!

· Program attendance last year nearly DOUBLED. Part of this is because of expanded outreach to the schools pre-summer and part because of the larger programs we’ve been offering (like OC3). In any case, we went from attendance of 25,932 people in the 2013-2014 fiscal year to 48,578 last year. That’s pretty amazing!

· Another area I’ve been looking at stats in is the Digital Media Lab. This wasn’t included on the annual report, but is very heartening. In the past 6 months alone (July-Dec. 2015) 233 people have come into the lab during open hours for one-on-one assistance. I’m really happy with these numbers and very grateful to Cheri and Melissa for all their hard work in the lab.

Upcoming events:

· Tax services: Still on going

· GOLD CLUB: Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 10am. We’ll celebrate Valentine’s early and learn about the history of love! Hear where the origins of modern Valentines came from, explore some vintage gifts, share memories of past celebration, and make your own card to share.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in egg cartons! Keep them coming!


Big image

South Oldham Library

We had a surprise visit from a balloon artist last Friday. You can see his creations in the above photo.

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon we have updated our adult slatwall displays to “love” books.

Julie has been working on cleaning up the in-transit report that we generated for the last 3 years or so. We can’t figure out why there were still so many when Mary runs her weekly report, but everyone is gradually finding the items and checking them in. If they can’t be found, they are checked in as missing. Thanks to everyone for all your help with this project and thanks to Julie for your dedication to finding and accounting for every last item!

Finally, a belated “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” to Elaine, who celebrated her big day yesterday! Woo hoo!


Children's Services

Coming up next week: all the usual suspects with these fun programs sprinkled in!

· Lego Robotics is Tuesday, February 9th. Signups required and available on the kid’s page: http://www.oldhampl.org/children.htm.

· Wild Wednesday is Wednesday, February 10th at 2 PM and features Second Chances Wildlife Center! We will learn about Kentucky animals, learn about wildlife rescue, and we will get to meet some Kentucky animals. We never know which animals they will bring, or how many. But it is a really interesting program.

· Fancy Nancy Tea is Saturday, February 13th at 11 AM. Signups are required and it is full. But we have a waitlist for people and we always have some cancellations. http://www.oldhampl.org/children.htm.



I don’t know about you all, but I just wish the weather would pick a season . . . any season. I never know when I wake up what ingredients will be on the allergy-du-jour. However, I am leaving for vacation next week, the Friday after the Board Meeting, so maybe a different climate will help. (I have “cluster headaches.” I sympathize with all of you who suffer from seasonal complaints.)

A few months ago I mentioned that I would be happy to go over the Power Point explaining about all the “green” features in the Main Library. No one took me up on it. That’s cool. But now Bethany has asked me to record a digital tour.

I plan to work on this while I am on vacation next week. (Tom and I are going to visit his 86-year old father in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.) When I return I will lead a tour and I might need some volunteers on which to practice and a critique.

One last thing: If anyone on the staff calls me on a personal phone, she or he should leave a voicemail and I will return the call. So leave a voice message, or better yet, text me.

Susan E.

not Susan M. or Susan B. although my name was Susan B. before I got married.

Main Circ & Teen

Coming Up for Teens:

  • Tuesday, Book Besties @ 4:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday @ Main--Teen Coffee House on Feb. 9th--Author visit from local author Teresa Richards who wrote "Emerald Bound". There will also be a "Dare Night" challenge to complete.
  • Friday @ Main--"Hearts a Glow"--after hours Anti-Valentine's Day event. We will be playing glow games, making t-shirts and more.

Thanks, Julie