Study Skills

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How do you manage your study time?

Make a weekly schedule and devote a certain amount of time to studying everyday. This method will not just help you get your studying time, it will also help improve your grades.

How long should you study?

Study in 20-25 minute chunks. It takes time for your brain to form new long term memories, so you have to study more than 5-10 minutes.

How much sleep should you be getting?

If you sleep only 4-5 hours you'll need to double your study time in order to be as effective as if you had gotten 7-9 hours of sleep.

What enviroment should you be studying in?

You should be comfortable, but not too comfortable where you risk falling asleep. Most people enjoy silence, others like having music while they study. Having a t.v on can be a very big distraction.

How should you be studying?

Have a healthy snack prepared before you start studying. If you wrote your notes at school, rewrite the notes to help you process what you wrote. Learn the important facts first, and take a few minutes for everything you read.
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How should you prepare before you study?

If you have a lot on your mind, take a moment and write down everything you are thinking about. This method helps calm you down and clear your mind, so you can focus on your studying.