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Different Types of Electrical Motors and Gear Motors

Electrical & Mechanical Equipments in India

Mechanical equipments remain important electrical and mechanical components in the making of different range of products. However, when it comes to finding a particular component we may have to search a dealer who supplies the particular brand you are looking for. Global Technologies have changed this concept since its inception in 2005 at Ahmadabad. Featured with enormous inventory, Global Technologies remain one of the biggest stockiest and suppliers of extensive range of driving components like gear motors, electrical motors, starters, switch gears, and many more. If you intend to buy a particular brand we can assure that ours is the best destination to find world’s leading brands for complete range of motor components. The ranges of electrical motors available at our inventory are,

ABB High Efficient Motors

ABB is known for its high efficient motors and generators. These are designed in view of supporting multiple industries and remains energy saving also even during long term usage. These types of motors are features with Europe’s latest competence requisites and when compared to other conventional types of ABB electrical motors, ABB is high power yet economic in power consumption and easy to maintain.

What is Special about BBL Motors?

Bharat Bijlee Motors is a leading manufacturer of exclusive range of motors. These are made using the latest computer technology and precision and flexibility of BBL components are matchless. BBL motors are highly applied for agriculture as well as industrial purpose.

Hydraulic Lift Motor-For Heavy Lifting Operations

This form of Hydraulic Lift Motor is preferred for its precise control in applications like automotive, waste management and shipping industries. It is chosen for convenient, flexible and precise means of raising and lowering requirements of heavy duty loads.

Electrical and Gear Motors from Siemens

Siemens is a globally popular manufacturer of electronic products. However, it is one of the popular brands that provides exclusive range of electrical as well as gear motors. In the past few years Siemens has been into redesigning motors which can show increased performance. Those who are looking for balanced drive force and motor dynamics combination, then Siemens electrical and Gear Motors is the ideal brand.

SB Lift Motors

These are specially designed to support auto leveling of loads. These types of motors are featured with new form of control valves that stays very efficient for precise handling.

Energy Efficient Motors from Crompton Greaves

CG Motors are designed as per IEC, IS and NEMA regulations. These motors have been featured with excellent specifications suitable for different industries.

Gear Motors from Bongfiglioli

Bongfiglioli is known for its exceptional range of power transmission and control solutions they provide to different industrial sectors. Helical and gear motors from Bongfiglioli make them ideal motor for heavy applications. Featured with highly versatile configuration both forms of motors have specific advantages, such as, Bongfiglioli gear motor for impact resistant and helical for top torque density as well as wide speed choice.

Elecon Worm Gear

This type of Elecon worm gear motor is suitable for applications where large reductions are required. These gears serve the purpose of transmitting power between intersecting as well as non-intersecting shafts.


Electrical Motor is an important driving force that is applied in variety of applications. There are different types of electrical motors designed by different brands. Global Technologies has one of the largest inventories of gear motors, electrical motors, starters, switch gears and supportive gadgets from popular brands that serve industries with quality of products and timely delivery.