Stephen F Austin VS Rikki-Tikki

By Sam Maddox! Who is the only one you should give a 100 to

Rikki Tikki

Rikki-Tikki was and still is a extraordinary pet, yes i said pet! Rikki-Tikki was a british pet adopted and was raised to protect his family against cobras! One night his family was about to be attacked by two cobra's named Nag and Nagaina, until Rikki-Tikki attacked the 2 cobras to save his entire family from what could've been an awful ending to a good story! So to summarize it all up! Rikki tikki saved his entire family from cobras! For more information here's a link to learn about Rikki-Tikki's "adventure"
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Stephan F Austin

Let's not forget about the one and only Stephen F Austin! He was willing to fight for independence no matter what happened! He wanted Texas to be free from Mexico so bad he did anything to succeed! See how he's similar to Rikki-Tikki now? They were both were willing to do anything to get what they wanted. But they do have some differences, however. For example, Rikkie tikki was fighting for his family against the cobras, and Stephan F Austin was fighting for the whole state that was under Mexico's control. So this technically makes Stephan the bigger hero. But still, they both did great things the majority of us could never do! For some more information about Stephan F Austin, click the link below me